Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show: Entry 24: Blog Business Success, .Net Rocks, The Onion Radio News

Blog Business Success

Category: Business

Wayne Hurtbert is the host of Blog Business Success. Despite having “blog” in the name, subject material mostly falls in the “small business” sector. Blog Business Success has complimentary information for business owners ranging from marketing, product management, and techniques for running an effective business. Wayne is able to find guest who are well spoken for each episode. It is apparent, however, that Wayne is heavily dependent on the interviewees. If the guest is monotone or uninteresting, then the presentation of the show dives south quickly. The length of the show is too long, while transitions and musical bumpers are begging to be utilized to break up the show. This podcast is produced through Blog Talk Radio, which is notorious for poor sound quality. Blog Business Success is no exception; sound quality makes this show difficult to which to listen.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

.Net Rocks

Category: Software How-To

Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are the hosts of .Net Rocks. The podcast is a refreshing breeze from many other technology-related shows. .Net Rocks is “pro” Microsoft offering perspectives from developers found in Microsoft Windows. Carl and Richard discuss a broad variety of material involving .Net developers including informative, personal, and political topics. Despite the potentially dry topic, the hosts are very entertaining. Really, they are! Both have great radio voices and play off each other well. The easy transitions from differing subjects aide the show’s fluidity. A startling fact that we disliked involved the use of commercials. Ads were placed in the middle of the podcast without a transition or warning. This disrupted the content that was being discussed. Overall, we are impressed by how versatile .Net Rocks is, even to those not familiar with Microsoft’s .Net.

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Onion Radio News

Category: Comedy

Doyle Redland hosts The Onion Radio News, a daily podcast featuring a short “news clip” from a national publication known as The Onion. The Onion Radio News is odd. Funny stories, which are completely fiction, are presented in “breaking news” fashion. The style offers an attitude of sarcasm and silliness. The sound quality is well produced with a nice blend of mixing, music, speech, and other audio commentary. Since the show is only one minute in length, listeners must decide quickly if they either love it or hate it. Just as listeners are getting into the presentation style, the show is over. Giving four or five “breaking stories” in each episode would be very beneficial. The podcast is an accurate representation of The Onion. Just remember that while it sounds like a traditional media production, it cannot be taken seriously.

Rating: ★★★½☆