Edgy Podcast Reviews 84: Movies You May Have Missed-The Bouty Bouty Squadcast-Battleship Pretension

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Movies You May Have Missed

Category: TV and Film

The podcast is exactly what the name suggests: a discussion about movies that listeners may not have seen. Juan, Lee, and occasionally Tara discuss niche films that are not well known or did not do well at the box-office. The team discusses why these “lost in the shuffle” films are worth watching by describing specific nuances, directorial attributes, and the historical era surrounding the movie. Audio clips of the movies are also played. Clearly, Juan and Lee are well-spoken and inject passionate commentary while being able to play well off one another. However, we could not help but notice the change of chemistry for the better when Tara was a part of the discussion. She adds an excitable element and vocal tone that provides a soothing contrast between Juan and Lee’s male vocals. Movies You May Have Missed is simple, time sensitive, and delivers persuading reasons why listeners should stop and take the time to watch a movie they otherwise would have missed.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Daniel

Rating: ★★★½☆ Jana

The Bouty Bouty Squadcast

Category: Comedy

Shane T. and Duz Peezy are the hosts of the uniquely named podcast The Bouty Bouty Squadcast. The podcasts advertises each show as a discussion of videos, games, and television. Listeners should be highly advised of the significance of label “Explicit.” Most of the dialogue is laced with vulgar language and high doses of sexual content. The Bouty Bouty Sqadcast uses a loose outline for the format of the show including News, Blows and Cons, F***’d Up Facts, and Comic Book Nook. After listening to many episodes, we found that The Bouty Bouty Squadcast is showing signs of slight improvement and attempts at appealing to a community. The hosts are also creative and keep the show up-beat by running music in the background throughout each episode. Unfortunately, The Bouty Bouty Squadcast continues to disappoint in the area of sound quality with the hosts’ vocal levels blowing out an ear or two by not leveling the volume. If listeners are able to understand what the hosts are saying and can successfully move past the barrage of mutilated vocabulary, then they may be able to discern some interesting opinions regarding the latest in comic books, television, and movies.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Daniel

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Jana

Battleship Pretension

Category: TV and Film

Battleship Pretension is described as being representative of the kind of conversations that film geeks have when getting together. Hosts Tyler and David, both former film students, are able to get fairly well-known celebrities and talented comedians to come on the show, and that allows Battleship Pretension to be successful. The show begins with an odd introduction but quickly rolls into a very entertaining conversation between the hosts and guests. A topic is presented relating to television or film but is rarely followed. In most listening situations this is a crucial mistake but not so for Battleship Pretension. Listeners will hear some deep analysis of movies while having fun. Tyler and David along with their guests are naturally gifted comedians with quick whits. When a guest has a lot to say, Tyler and David are wise enough to know to stay quiet and let their guest shine. This is a long show though, usually an hour or more. We also believe that Battleship Pretension would be better placed the Comedy category than TV and Film. Overall, this one is worth a listen.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Daniel

Rating: ★★★½☆ Jana

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